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Cover Letter : Do’s and Don’ts

Cover letter can help you land the interview for your dream job. Therefore, it is important for the job seekers to be careful when writing a cover letter. Your resume is never enough for you to convince the hiring managers to choose you. Writing a cover letter is the only way to convince the hiring managers that you are the perfect candidate. There are some do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when you are writing a cover letter.

• Create a personalized cover letter for different jobs and positions. Some people use the same cover letter for different job applications. This is wrong because different jobs require different kind of skills and experiences. Therefore, you need to include different kind of skills and qualifications in the cover letter.

• Find out the name of hiring manager. When you write the cover letter, you need to start it with a proper greeting. It is best to know the name of the hiring manager to address in your cover letter.

• Read the job descriptions carefully before you start writing. Then, you will be able to include what motivate you to apply for this position and what you can contribute.

• Proofread several time before submitting the letter. In order to convince that you are the qualify candidate for the job, you need to be very careful. Making grammar mistakes in the cover letter will be a huge turn-off. You should ask someone to help you proofread to make sure every thing is correct.

• Include necessary skills. What you cannot include in your resume is your personal skills. But, you will be able to include all those skills in your cover letter. Therefore, you need to list out your skills that are suitable for the job that you are applying.

• Keep it one page. Don’t be too ambitious and write too much. Keeping the letter short and include all the information is a kind of skill. So, try to keep three to four paragraphs and only write the necessary facts in the cover letter.

• Be honest. The cover letter is the letter that state only facts. Therefore, don’t include false information and qualifications in your cover letter. Try not to exaggerate as well.

• Don’t just repeat your resume. Some people just write about their experiences that they have already mentioned in the resume. It is not enough because you need to include the reason why you are apply this job. In order to convince why you are the suitable candidate for this job, you need to include your skills.

• Don’t procrastinate. Writing the cover letter at the last minute is not a good idea. You need to spend at least three to four days to prepare to write a good cover letter.