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What to prepare before writing a cover letter

Some may think writing a cover letter is not very difficult and don’t put so much effort to write it. A cover letter is very crucial because it allows you to impress the employer before meeting in person. CV only talks about your experiences while cover letter talks about who you are and why they should hire you. You need to explain why you are the best candidate among other applicants through cover letter. Since it is the most important part of your application, you need to prepare a lot before you start writing. Check this out and get on with it.
Research about the company or organization

Before you start writing a cover letter, you need to know about the company or organization that you are applying. You need to visit the company websites or facebook pages to learn more about it. Try to understand what the company is looking for and what kind of experiences are required. Then, you will be able to emphasize the skills that your employer is looking for and include them. You can impress the hiring manager by explaining what you could contribute to the company.

Find out more about the job

You need to know more about the position that you are applying to before writing the cover letter. If the job involves teamwork, you can talk about your teamwork skills. You need to find out your responsibilities in order to mention about your abilities to fulfil your duties. Therefore, it is important to take time and learn the job description before writing the cover letter.

Check the cover letter examples

It is a good idea to take some time to check other cover letter samples before you start writing. You can find different kind of cover letter templates and samples on internet. These examples can give you ideas of how to prepare your own cover letter and what to include in it. You can easily change the sample to fit your experiences and skills for the job that you are applying.

Skill and experiences list

One of the main target of the cover letter is to let the employer know that you have required qualifications. Therefore, you need to list out your skills and abilities that match to the job. You need to choose the appropriate list of experiences and only include the experiences that match to the job. The job hiring managers usually focus on the skills that the candidates have. Therefore, it is very important to know your own skills and list out them.