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Common mistakes in writing a CV

When it comes to CV wiring, it is important to avoid making any mistakes. You need to spend as much time to create an impressive CV. Some of the job seekers don’t even revise their CVs or do a research. In order to avoid making common mistakes in writing a CV, you need to take as much time as possible. Here are the common mistakes that can make your CV look bad and lose the opportunity to land an interview.

Font size

Font size should be 11 or 12. The font size should not be larger or small than that. Moreover, the whole CV should have the same type of font and you should use the professional looking fonts. Do not choose the childish or fancy fonts for your CV.


When you describe your job experiences in your CV, do not repeat the same words many times. Try to find the synonym of the word to describe your job experiences. By using a variety of words, you can show your writing skills and language skills. For example, instead of using led all the time, change it to instructed or others.

No “I”
Avoid using I in the CV. You are not writing an essay therefore, you don’t need to write a full sentences in your CV. Instead of writing your CV in first person, you should always write it in the third person. Because, it can help the hiring manager emphasize more while reading your CV.

Bullet Points

The hiring managers hate to read long paragraphs so you need to stick to the bullet points. By presenting your information in bullet points, your CV will be very clear and concise. It will be very easy to read and you can impress the hiring managers with your neat CV.

Order of sections

The order of the sections need to make sense. There is no right or wrong way to put all together but the order should make sense. You should put your education history before work history. The most recent one should be on the top in each sectors. Put your work experiences first and then your internship experiences.

No photo

You don’t need to put your photo in your CV. You can put it if they ask you to put it. Mostly, you won’t need to put your photo in your CV. If they ask, use the passport photo.

No mistakes

There should be no grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.