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Tips for writing a successful CV

There is no right or wrong way to write a good CV. However, it is important to know how to put all the information together. Your CV is the most important document that can help you get your dream job. There are some information that you should include in your CV. They are contact information, education, work experiences, skills and qualifications, achievements, and interests. In order to put together a successful CV, you need to know the following tips.

No more than 2 pages

This is a rule that can help your CV looks clear and concise. All you need to cover in your CV is necessary information that can land you a job interview. You might have many different kind of job experiences in different industry. If you include every single one of your job experiences in your CV, it will go over 2 pages. Every job seeker want to impress the hiring manager by showing all your different experiences. However, you can get a better chance of getting the job if you only cover the relevant job experiences.

Read the job description

Before you start creating your CV to apply for specific job, you need to read the job description carefully first. In order to know which of your job experiences are relevant to the job, you need to understand the JD. Read the job description carefully and note down the necessary skills and quality. Make sure that you choose the job experiences that require similar quality and skills. This will show that you are the suitable candidate for the job. Therefore, you need to create a new CV for different kind of jobs that you are applying to.


A CV can talk a lot about you. The way you present your CV is very important because you need to present the information clearly. The layout should be well structured and neat. You should use the professional looking fonts instead of fancy ones. The document should not be crumpled or folded when submitting your CV to apply for the job.


There should be one specific section to mention your key skills that are suitable for the job. You need to include your computer skills and language skills. Depending on the job that you are applying, you can include the team working skills, problem solving skills, and many others. You can also include your skills in the work history section where you describe your job experiences.

Double Check

There should be no grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes in your CV. Be very careful and check again and again. Your personal information including email address and phone numbers should be correct.